Wisdom Bearers

How to leverage our deep­seated wisdom as creative leaders to inspire innovation.
Nola Force is a woman who exudes self­confidence and sincere affection. Her broad life experience has brought profound lessons leading to first­hand wisdom, ranging from the need for a profitable bottom line to the value of recognizing and nurturing the human essence of all individuals. She leverages these learnings as a top­rated professional business coach, where she's developed strong relationships with highly successful executives.

Description Wisdom does not automatically come from experience. Every day of life is an opportunity to re­invent our selves and the way we do things. Only by observation and reflection can we learn from supposed "mistakes" and avoid tripping twice over the same stone. This process is just as important for teams as it is for individuals.
The one­day workshop begins with shared visioning and affective communication tools. Cooperative play followed by individual and group reflection is used both as a means of identifying challenges and as a stimulus for collaborative relationship building. Traditional wisdom as well as unconventional anecdotes are explored within the context of the team and the relationships evidenced while playing the cooperative games.
The workshop ends with a collaborative planning process and the elaboration of a detailed action plan that will lead to improved interpersonal relationships within the team.
● Increased personal awareness of blockages to creative states and tools to transcend them.
● Clarified vision: why does the team exist?.
● Practice with simple affective communication tools.
● Deeper relationships built around shared vision.
● 1 solution with a detailed action plan to improve interpersonal relationships.