Interpersonal Sports

Looking at leadership development through compassionate communication inspired by sports events and analogies.
Andrew Smith is a gifted writer with a quick wit and a photographic memory. When it comes to sports, his love affair with the Pittsburgh Pirates has given him lots of perspective on how painful it is when expectations aren't met, and how much there is to learn from loss.
Metaphor is a powerful communication tool. Translating abstract concepts into familiar ideas is the key to effective communication. Sport is a natural theme that a broad array of people can identify with, and is therefore a natural way to connect people and communicate ideas.
When faced with a desire to connect with people, many people choose sports. This common denominator across cultures can help to instantly generate shared experiences and dreams across massive cultural gaps. This workshop harnesses the power of this theme as a catalyst for deeper affective communication. Using traditional tools such as motivational metaphors, statistical analysis, intuition, discipline, and the unexpected, new perspectives are developed and shared in this one day workshop.
In these workshops first we facilitate the group to describe the context of the workplace including challenges and opportunities. The participants then use varied media from graphic arts and performing arts to communicate their interpretations of the situation as a sports metaphor. This methodology shares emotional context and stimulates affective communication. Finally the groups seek out solutions first as metaphors, then as detailed action plans.
Results for teams
● Clarity of context and vision.
● Practice with simple affective communication tools.
● Deeper relationships built around shared vision.
● 1 solution with a detailed action plan to improve interpersonal relationships.