Ancestral Innovation

Using millennial tools and wisdom to understand how to build more innovative teams.
With Felipe Mejía: A Maya Kaqchikel spiritual leader with 20 years of experience sharing his insights on Mayan technologies and using them to help build community. His deep connection with the natural world and keen intuition into human nature make him an invaluable asset to teams seeking more balance in their personal lives as well as in the workplace.

Through a detailed analysis of the Mayan calendar birth date of team members, each individual is encouraged to reflect upon different aspects of their personality. Then through cooperative games and reflections on the relationships they evidence, teams explore the significance of Maya astronomy and theories of interpersonal relations for their work environment. Finally they use these insights to develop solutions that improve relationships, increase productivity, and promote innovation.
Ideally this process is amplified through a traditional fire ceremony, which has the effect of focusing vision and collective will. The practice also reinforces and contextualizes the insights gained during the workshop.
Results for teams
● Basic understanding of millennial technologies (calendars, numeration, ceremony)
● Increased personal awareness of blockages to creative states and tools to transcend them.
● Improved affective communication.
● Solutions to improve relationships, increase productivity, and promote sustainable innovation.
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