Participative Municipal Health Plan: Villanueva
by Zachary Towne-Smith
Participative Municipal Health Plan: Villanueva
Challenge: Villanueva is a suburb of Guatemala City with 1 million + residents, many of whom earn a low income laboring in the nearby city. It is a municipality with a wealth of challenges including social, political, environmental, and economic. Traditionally the government has not been effective or trusted. For this reason the current mayor has invested in developing a participative strategic plan for the health department that will take community leaders into account and provide better services to all.
Methodology: Over 200 community leaders and dozens of health professionals used collaborative design tools to identify and prioritize 5 major health challenges. In community meetings taking place in all the regions, leaders proposed solutions based on local needs.
Results: The results are being systematized by health department officials and will soon be incorporated into a municipal health plan with differentiated strategies according to specific neighborhood needs. Confidence in local government has increased as community leaders have been engaged in the collaborative design of strategies to increase collective well-being.
Participative Municipal
Health Plan: Villanueva