Seven Springs Holistic Retreats
by Zachary Towne-Smith
Seven Spring
Challenge: A large tract of land has been in the Long family for almost half a century. After many different attempts at achieving sustainability, the family developed a landscaping business that operated for almost 20 years. Now the older generation is looking to hand over the operations to their daughter, who dreams of a yoga retreat center based on permaculture principles. While all agree on the general principles of the plan, there are quite a few details that remain to be worked out.
Methodology: The family came together in planning sessions over a period of 3 months. They worked together to identify a shared dream with core vision and mission, and developed the outline of a 5 year plan to bring the center to financial stability.
Results: 126 acres of family land are being developed into holistic retreat center: Seven Springs HolisticRetreats 5 acres of wisteria have been recovered, dilapidated structures have been removed, and a platform for yoga and dance practice has been constructed. The detailed strategic plan projects 5 figure revenues by the second year, supported by a novel cooperative investment platform. .
Seven Spring