Plastic Extrusion and Thermoforming
by Zachary Towne-Smith
Challenge: Plastic Extrusion and Thermoforming(PET) is a family business that has evolved irregularly over the years. As a result there are no clear systems in place and many employees express confusion or even resentment regarding what is expected of them given their salaries. The owner is a visionary engineer who's new ideas sometimes divert resources from team members' and clients' needs. Communication between administration and management is inefficient, new ideas are not heard, the production team has low morale, and clients have returned many faulty products.
Methodology: Caracol facilitated a participative process including all team members at PET which led to the creation of a vision and mission, as well as a strategic plan for a short-term (1 month) solution that would resolve the most pressing challenges.
Results: 100% of employees committed to adopting the mission and vision and were motivated to implement incremental improvements. Difficult team members were integrated and motivated to participate in strategies to improve the workplace. During the following month they were able to recycle stored plastic waste, generating funding for repairs and necessary tools that increased productivity and team motivation by 15% at PET.