Caracol Consulting is customized consulting for you and the groups you work with.
We engage diverse team members to achieve measurable results, developing creative solutions to your shared needs through collaborative design.

  Our custom-fit consultancies bring you success by:
    • Committing to personal 1-1 conversations with all team members to increase engagement and ensure that all ideas are voiced and heard.
    • Using collaborative design tools with multi-cultural and interdisciplinary teams of leaders to create a shared vision and build consensus around innovative solutions.
    • Establishing clear goals and measurable action steps. After the solution is designed and planned we work together with our clients to monitor progress and adapt strategies according to emerging challenges.

We believe that small steps can lead teams to great things, as long as everyone believes in the destination. We focus on building teams that conceive, design, implement, and monitor short-term achievable solutions based on a common vision.

Contact us today to take the first step toward a more motivated and productive team with better ideas and better systems to turn those ideas into reality.

Benefits For Companies

And Organizations

We engage diverse groups to reframe their identity and design solutions that increase motivation and productivity.

  • Workflow

    Develop unique insights that improve complex systems.
    Improve workflow within and across diverse teams.

  • Collaboration

    Stimulate affective communication.
    Encourage interpersonal collaboration.
    Build creative environments of respect and trust.

  • Innovation

    Identify generative questions that drive innovation.
    Engage key leaders stakeholders with unique perspectives.

  • Ideas

    Prioritize shared challenges & generate creative ideas. Develop inclusive strategic plans that engage stakeholders all along the value chain.

  • Productivity

    Improve workflow within and across diverse teams.
    Strategic reorganization of administration and production.

  • Value

    Retain and develop your productive workforce.
    Increase the value of cultural diversity.



The Caracol methodology has been developed over decades of experience with a wide range of national organizations and businesses. All of our processes are custom fit to suit your unique needs. Together with leaders we apply proven, unique and playful tools in three general areas:

• Objectives clarified
• Trust established
• Relationships built
• Creativity unleashed
• Motivation increased
• Bridge intercultural divides

• Establish shared history
• Prioritize challenges
• Build shared dreams
• Design consensus-driven solutions
• Engage in collaborative planning

• Implement plans
• Systematize lessons learned
• Share and examine results
• Celebrate successes
• Implement improvements




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